Jan Wohlleben

English translations by Isabel Ottlewski


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Take-A-Walk – an idea arisen from current social contradictions and actions. An age of fomented xenophobia and exploiting fears in order to take advantage of economical and political interests.

His superordinate thesis reads as follows: “We have more things in common than divide us.” This conclusion means to convey confidence and gain insights for the “foreign parts”.

A photographic and cinematic documentation catalogued and edited after his return home. Let us follow his traces together:

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/jan.wohlleben

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General facts:

  • Jan Wohlleben
Date and place of birth
  • 11 August 1987 in Rostock
  • Leipzig
  • Sport Manager

Personal Goals:

  • a round-the-world trip, as far as possible without going by plane
  • a documented journey by photography and film
  • getting back home safe and sound

What is the importance of photography during your journey?

  • It’s a great medium to capture moments, moods and memories. At the same time you can let loose with camera equipment, try a lot and be creative. It offers the great chance to share experiences with relatives and friends.

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Whenever you choose one way, you decide against all other ways at the same time.

So now is the time to follow this one path I wanted to go for a long time. At the beginning, I do not know how the road will look like of course. I do not know if it will be wide or narrow, solid or slippery, straight or full of curves. But that is exactly what excites me, to go off and explore.

Am I free from expectations,
To what is before me,
Then I drift,
I am with all my senses at this moment,
Appreciate the value,
Which affects me.

Let’s take a walk.

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Part I

Neubrandenburg – Tallinn (August 2, 2016 – August 13, 2016)

With the door of August 2nd, 2016 at the wall calendar, the day has come, which I have chosen for the start of the great journey. However, even with all the preparation, I am not prepared to sort out and rearrange my bag again this morning. ... continue reading

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Part II

Russia – Как сказать (August 13, 2016 – September 04, 2016)

After saying our farewell to Hannes, Jana and Ivo, we go to the port terminal and on the ferry to Saint Petersburg. André and I check in and even get a compartment for ourselves. We look forward to exploring the ship and experiencing the entry into Saint Petersburg ... continue reading

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Part III

Mongolia – Weite unter dem blauen Meer (September 04, 2016 – September 15, 2016)

I’m sitting in the dining car of the train to Ulan Bator, enjoying the last portion of Russian Pelmeni. These small dumplings are really damn tasty. Across from me is Josh, a life-long artist from New York. ... continue reading


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Part IV

China (September 15, 2016 - October 11, 2016)

Once again I sit in a train and the stomach pain accompanying me that I experienced throughout the time in Mongolia strikes again. Nevertheless I'm trying to enjoy the journey which then turns out to be a bit easier after one of the three friendly Belgian women in my cabin gives me a water-soluble painkiller. ... continue reading




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